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We run heritage rail tours around Victoria on the main line system. Be sure to see where we are off to next.

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DERMPAV is a non profit organisation operating out of part of the Newport Railway Workshops in Victoria, Australia. We are committed to restoring our Diesel Electric Rail Motors for the operation of main line tours across the State Government owned Victorian railway network. All money earned from our operations is put back into restoring our DERMs to ensure that examples of these railmotors are available for all to experience across the state.

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Lal Lal Station

Lal Lal day trip

Saturday 24 November 2018

We regret to inform everyone that this trip will not run due to low booking numbers and the possibility of a track closure by Vline


 Lal Lal Railway Station

Lal Lal station on the freight line from Geelong to Ballarat. No passenger trains run through here and no trains stop at this grand station anymore.

Warrnambool Model Railway Show trip

Overnight - January 12 & 13, 2019

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